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supplementing for muscle & fitness

A lean and muscular physique is the dream of many people and all want to attain it by hitting gyms and lift tremendous weights. While, on the other hand some try to follow the natural path and work physically hard to attain a lean yet flexible body.

Whatever the way may be, attaining a muscular body is not a kid’s play and needs a lot of regular training and dedication. However, even after working hard and shedding a lot of sweat in the gyms, some are unable to put on weight or lose weight and therefore, misery sets in. No matter how much people try to follow proper diets and regular exercise regimes, they just can not seem to put on or lose that weight and attain a healthy shape.


Muscle building supplements are made of substances that are already present in your body like protein, vitamins and minerals, etc. Natural supplements can be plant extracts, bean powders or herbal formulas and are extremely effective in enhancing the overall performance of the body. From weight gain to weight loss, paired with a proper exercise routine, one can attain the shape he or she wants and that too without any kind of harmful side effects. Whatever side effects they have, works towards the betterment of your health as well.

Why use sisel?!

Sisel' s entire line of products are developed in their own state-of-the-art Research & Development laboratories and produced in their world class manufacturing facility. The products have been intensely formulated to help extend life, fight aging, and provide vibrant energy.

Sisel's owner, Tom Mower Sr. knew from previous experience that in order to really be different you have to develop your own formulas, and you have to own your own manufacturing processes to control quality. So he invested more than $100 million USD to build a massive, world class manufacturing facility. The 400,000 square foot building is the size of nearly 7 football fields, and houses top-of-the-line technology and machinery. In fact, this facility is so superior, many of competitors ask Tom to build their products. 

Sisel offers only the best. It is Sisel's facility, Sisel's team, and Sisel's ingredients. When they guarantee the best, you’re getting the best. Not someone else’s formulas, not someone else’s products. It’s 100% Sisel and it’s 100% Sisel Safe. All of Sisel's products are created from non-toxic, natural ingredients. ALWAYS. In every product line that Sisel offers, you will find the highest potency and highest quality.


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