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Mower Family
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Family owned 

Debt free 

 Dynasty Trust

 30+ year track record

$150 Million facility

440,000 sq ft

State of the art


Toxin Free​

Sisel Safe Certified

supranaturals, supplement faciliy

Take A Video Tour of Sisel's Manufacturing Facility

Sisel's Mower Mission  

To educate the world on the hazards of the toxins we encounter everyday, and to offer a safe alternative. Sisel will never use hazardous, controversial, or potentially harmful ingredients in our products. In fact, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of ingredient integrity. We will always give you products made from safe, effective, non toxic, ingredients to keep your family safe, healthy, and happy. 

Sisel's Ingredient Integrity  

Our health is our greatest asset, and therefore should be our greatest interest. Many people understand the benefit of supplements. Many of those same people have no idea where to start. Some people believe in the power of the supplements but do not trust the industry. Supplements have been scientifically proven to work. The problem within the industry is there is no obligation (other than ethical) to use any ingredients at the levels they were tested to be effective. Sisel guarantees to always use the ingredients at the levels that they were tested to be effective. 

Contract Manufacturing

The SupraNaturals facility is large enough to manufacture and ship close to $2 Billion in products each year. Sisel is currently doing a small fraction of that. So while Sisel builds in size and slowly takes over that space, the Mower's use the facility during down time to manufacture products for other companies inside and outside of our industry. All their ingredients must meet our quality control and quarantine protocol, however, they do not have to meet Sisel's ingredient integrity promise, and because they do not have to, this is often the case with those other companies.

Dynasty Trust

The dynasty trust states that Sisel can not be bought or sold, and can never be borrowed against. The surrounding agreements state that the product integrity can never decrease over time. This trust is good for 250 years from the date it was signed. This trust has been put in place to protect Sisel and the Mower Mission from ever being changed. Tom Mower Sr. wants this Mission to continue on with Sisel long after he is gone. 

The Mower's

Tom Mower Sr - Co-Founder , President, and Chief Scientist

tom mower and dalai lama

As President and Co-Founder for Sisel, Tom is actively involved in nearly every aspect of his business. In the 1970s, Tom was the Regional Sales Director for a National Marketing and Sales Company where he helped achieve record sales volumes. With an inherent ability in chemistry, Tom joined Dell Chemical, where he started as a factory representative, advancing to the head of R&D, Corporate Trainer, and National Sales Manager.


Recognizing his own unique abilities and entrepreneurial talents, Tom started a successful industrial cleaning supply company in 1980 which manufactured and distributed products to major commercial and industrial accounts in the western states. In 1987 he launched Images, a personal care manufacturing company in Utah, which later became Neways International, one of the largest, most successful network marketing companies in the world, reaching almost a billion dollars in annual sales. Tom sold Neways in 2006 to capitalize on what he considered some of the most important discoveries in human health and to launch what he deems the best business opportunity in history, Sisel.

Tom has always been involved in one way or another in helping people achieve success. He is a prolific author and international motivational speaker known for his ability to ignite energy and enthusiasm in the minds and hearts of his loyal distributors. He is not only a renowned scientist and product formulator, holding several patents for break-through discoveries in scientific research for natural medicine and health care products, he is a marketing extraordinaire who has revolutionized multilevel marketing as we know it through his innovative, high-paying hybrid compensation programs.

Tom has a great philanthropic desire to help orphanages and abandoned children around the world. He has donated millions of dollars in support of several non-profit organizations, including a school for handicapped children in Russia, endangered species such as the siberian tiger, sacred white buffalo, “white” red deer, and fragile environments including the earths precious forests. He has met with Presidents of countries, received recognition from the Dali Lama, and was the major sponsor of the Junior Winter Olympics in 2005 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Tom Mower Jr - Co-Founder , CEO, and Scientist

scientist tom mower jr

As CEO and Co- Founder, Tom Mower Jr. provides general oversight and strategic direction for the company and its executive management team. Tom works directly with Sisels research and development staff in the development of powerful new products, oversees the companys state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, and heads up Sisels world-class manufacturing operations. 

Tom was instrumental in helping his father, Tom Mower Sr., build Neways into the giant success it became and has been invaluable in launching Sisel into its current momentum as one of the fastest growing mlm companies in the industry. Tom has a bachelors degree in Biology from the University of Utah and is an experienced formulator, scientist, and product engineer. He is credited with developing some of the all-time, best-selling products in the health and wellness industry. Tom is a dynamic speaker and presenter on the power of Sisels unique products and is revered by distributors around the world for his knowledge of how nutrition works in the human body.

Leisel Mower

leisel mower

Leisel is Tom Sr's daughter. Having spent most of her life growing up within the 

belief structure of the Mower Mission and its toxin free philosophy, she dedicated 

to spreading the Mission. She spent time at Neways working the family business 

she has learned the inner workings of a successful Network Marketing company. 

Leisel has the skills, and she matches the drive and determination of the boys in the family, but she does it with style and grace. Leisel is head of our beauty division and the Sisel Allure line. When Leisel is not at Sisel Headquarters, you can always find her with her children and grandchildren. Her dedication to both her family and Sisel is so strong that she spends many hours traveling to-and-from her home and Head Quarters every day, just so that her family can stay in their hometown.

Thomas Mower III

thomas mower jr jr, t3, super jr

Thomas goes by many names T3, Jr Jr, Super Junior but whatever you choose to call him just know that he spent his entire life knowing and living the Mower Mission. Thomas attended the University of Utah, and was a double major in Biology and Spanish. He spent 2 years in South America on a mission for his church. Except for his work in South America, Sisel is the only work Thomas has ever had. He started with sweeping the floor, worked his way through customer service, and up to 

product development bringing us amazing products with unparalleled benefits. His dedication to the Mission and to those who share the Mission, grows every day. In 

early 2018 Thomas and his wife welcomed their first child. He now takes the Mower Mission more serious than ever.

Hear from the Mower's about their Mission



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