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Celebrate You

All work and no play is, well…no fun. We’re strong advocates of enjoying life. At Sisel,

we believe smart choices should be rewarded. When you use our products, you’re not just rewarding yourself; you’re rewarding the social and environmental spaces around you.

Be confident in what you use and eat and live your life to its fullest. Our products offer a better, happier lifestyle. In a way, our products are Nature’s way of saying,

“Thanks.” Your body will feel good, your mind will feel good, you will feel good.

Our network of family, friends and partners is found in more than 40

countries and continues to grow. You’ll be a part of that.

You’ll also be surrounded by like-minded people.

Health-conscious? Check. Environmentally aware? Check. Economically savvy? Check.

Being a part of Sisel rewards you with lifelong friendships, business

partners, fitness pals and more.  You’re not just using our products, you’re part of our family. Sisel is a lifestyle you don’t want to miss out on.

Get Some Green

If Nature wanted to send you a care package, we’d be the delivery service.

Our products are made from safe, natural ingredients because, well, we actually

care about our planet. Whenever you use one of our products, you make a statement:

You support a green and sustainable lifestyle.

And if that’s not enough, how about the knowledge that you’re part of something bigger? Our planet is fragile, and we need to find ways to heal it. Using our products

helps support the movement we founded to make consumer products

free from harmful and dangerous chemicals.

How you live, what you eat, the products you use…these all directly impact

on the world around you. Most people aren’t aware of how heavy their footsteps fall;

with Sisel, you’ll always know you walk a better, greener path.

Giving Back

Some of the best rewards aren’t necessarily the ones you get, but the ones you give.  We share this world with 87 bajillion people and not all of them get to enjoy a good life.  In fact, the majority of them don’t.We’re changing that.

Sisel is a global community, and that means our humanitarian efforts are too.

Through fundraising, community building, and volunteer work, we continually improve
the lifestyles and living conditions of countless individuals.

We don’t plan on stopping any time soon, and we could use your help.

When you’re a part of the Sisel community, you’re a part of our cause.

Take this chance to be something more and join us as we reach out and better the

lives of those we share this world with.

Sisel Rewards

Loyalty programs are nothing new, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about ours. (Spoilers: It’s pretty awesome.)

Let’s start with getting great discounts on the products you love.

We’re not talking about inventory surplus or discontinued products; it’s the good stuff you use every day. Next, we throw in some hefty rebates. The more you buy the more money we send your way. Yup. You read that right. You get paid to shop.

Finally, we reward you for loving our products. We can’t think of a company that doesn’t enjoy a good shout out, but we actually show our appreciation. If you share a product with a friend and they buy it, you get discount. If they end up buying a lot, you could get the product for free. Maybe even make a little money on the side.

By our calculations, that’s a whole lot of awesome just for doing what you normally do. Like a product? Get a discount. Use a product? Get a rebate. Share with friends?

Get more discounts, get free products, get paid.  It’s science.

We have to admit, this is a pretty good deal. And all at the simple price of making the world a better place, the best reward of all.  Interested? We thought you might be. 


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