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SiselRIPT provides the optimal ratio of essential amino acids for maximum muscle growth and development. Backed by years of proven research and trials, our incredible muscle product gives you the edge you need when you need it most.

protein drink

SiseLEAN comes packed with 12 grams of premium protein, 6 grams of fiber and over 50 trace minerals, providing enhanced workouts and improved weight loss management.  When you fuel your day with SiseLean, you feel full longer, experience reduced caloric intake, and enjoy improved muscle support.

nitric oxide, increased testosterone

4Restore combines four dynamic biological systems into one intensely powerful formulation.  This dynamic supplement increases the amount of Nitric Oxide produced in your body, enhancing your body’s ability to absorb more oxygen and antioxidants. 

Specially formulated to give you superior workouts, dieting results and increased testosterone.

post workout

sisel RIPT

Designed to support optimal muscle protein synthesis. 

Our unique, patented formula is clinically proven to provide superior muscular growth, regeneration, and conditioning.


Protein Quality of Different Foods

(DIAAS- Digestible Indespensible Amino Acid Score)

Ript - EAA Formulation - 321.0%

Whey Protein Isolate - 133.0%

Milk(whole) - 143.1%

Soy Milk - 136.1%

Egg(hard boiled) - 133.1%

Beef(ground 85%lean) - 117.9%

Wheat Bread - 50.0%

Peanut Butter - 44.0%

Chickpea - 30.9%










Whether you hit the gym 7 days a week or just enjoy a relaxing stroll, SiselRipt offers a state-of-the-art support for you to increase, repair and maintain muscle mass. With our muscles constantly in a flux of being torn down and built up, this powerful muscle support product provides an excellent way to stay ahead of the game.



  • Up to 3 times greater anabolic response

  • Improved overall muscle quality

  • Up to 3 times greater net gain of muscle protein

  • Improved muscle strength

  • Fast acting ingredients

  • 24 Successful human trials

  • 80% Protein synthesis


Key Terms:

EAAs (essential amino acids): siselRIPT contains all of the EAAs that your body needs for optimal muscle anabolism (recovery and building phase). EAAs can only be consumed through your diet for your body to function and feel the best that it can. Above is a percentage of the quality of proteins found in foods that people consume fairly regularly. 


Anabolic Response: The chemical reactions that synthesize molecules in metabolism.

Note: Athletes often attempt to improve their performance by speeding up this molecule-building process.

Improve Muscle Fiber: Muscle fibers are numerous elongated contractile cells that make up striated muscle. Potentially increase muscle size and density. Size and density are two totally different things. Density refers to the muscles firmness (harder not bigger). Size is pretty self-explanatory.   


Muscle Quality: Is closely intertwined with muscle strength, as muscle quality is typically defined as muscle strength or power per unit of muscle mass.

Optimal Amino Ratio: Proteins are made up of different combinations of amino acids and the ratio of those amino acids determines the efficacy that protein has on your muscles. Too much of an amino acid can cause oxidation lessening the effect that the amino acid has on the muscles. Too little of an amino acid causes your body to steal it from other organs and muscles in your body. SiselRipt contains these Essential Amino Acids and their Carrier.


Found In SiselRIPT:

L-Leucine  Supports synthesis of proteins.

L-Isoleucine  Supports synthesis of proteins.


L-Valine  Supports biosynthesis of proteins.

L-Histidine  Supports biosynthesis of proteins.


L-Lysine HCL  Supports building blocks of proteins.


L-Arginine  Supports blood flow through biosynthesis of proteins.


L-Threonine — Supports serotonin, dopamine, GABA, and glycine uptake. Studies have also shown that it will reduce physical and mental stress, and support alpha wave production.


L-Phenylalinine  Crosses blood brain barrier to support mood elevation and production of lignin for balancing cortisol causing stress.


L-Methionine  Supports growth of new blood vessels.


L-Tryptophan  Supports mood and production of growth hormones, induces sleep, fights anxiety, and supports burning fat.


Citric Acid  Supports muscle strength and the transport of amino acids to the cells.



SiselRIPT offers a state-of-the-art way for you to grow, repair and maintain muscle mass. Created with long-term muscle health in mind, SiselRIPT is designed to support optimal muscle protein synthesis.  With more than $20 million in research and 24 human trials, this unique, patented formula is clinically proven to provide superior muscular growth, regeneration, and conditioning.


Our muscles rebuild and regrow through a process called Muscle Protein Synthesis. Amino acids are the building blocks for this process, but not all amino acids are equal. Your body easily produces most amino acids as it needs them; but some —called Essential Amino Acids (EAA) —cannot be produced and must be included in our diet in order for our bodies to use them to build protein. Scientists have determined that the efficiency of Muscle Protein Synthesis is dependent on the ratio of EAA involved in the synthesis. If the ratio is too high, oxidation can occur. Too low and the body cannibalizes the EAA from other muscles or organs. Many products have tried, but none have come close to this super-efficient ratio. Until now.


Based on these multi-million dollar studies, SiselRIPT™ is able to provide the most efficient ratio of Essential Amino Acids needed for Muscle Protein Synthesis. One 5g serving offers more support for muscle growth than larger doses of many other muscle building products. 



Our exclusive formula helps you kill the cravings  and focus on what your mind wants–not your stomach. So whether you’re looking to build mass or slim down, be in control with SiseLean!

protein drink


A great addition to any diet, regardless of your weight loss goals!!


  • Over 50 trace minerals to support

your body’s biological functions.

  • Intensified muscle-building

support with long-burn mi-cellar

casein and whey proteins.

  • 6 grams of fiber per serving to

help you feel full longer.

  • Fortified with vitamins A, D, E, B6

and B12.

  • Loaded with premium proteins.


SiseLean weight management support shakes fill the nutritional gaps that are left when dieting and exercising. It is a low calorie, delicious shake that helps fill you up and gets you through your day.

As you go about your busy days, you want a simple and healthy way to manage your weight. There are many ways to reach your weight loss goals, however many avenues merely cut out the calories without providing the nutrition you need. Not to mention, you’re still hungry all day!

SiseLEAN is your weight loss solution: a low calorie, delicious shake filled with intense nutrition that fills you up and gets you through your day. Our unique formula offers exceptional nutrition with over 50 trace minerals and our unique Micellar whey protein concentrate. Cut back on calories in a healthy and wholesome way. By replacing just one meal a day with SiseLEAN, you’ll be on a healthy path toward your weight loss goals!


Our concentrates are all natural, highly purified, and filtered at low temperatures to preserve their powerful properties, offering support for burning fat, building muscle, and curbing your appetite.

SiseLEAN’s exclusive formula includes more than 50 trace minerals. Trace minerals are vital for many essential biological functions. A few examples include energy production, healthy joint development, and oxygen utilization—all of which are important for achieving your healthy weight loss goals.

Since these trace minerals are often lacking from the common Western diet, SiseLEAN is a great addition to any diet, regardless of your weight loss goals! Low in calories, but not in nutrition!

We hold ourselves to the highest possible standard of ingredient integrity. We will always give you the safest, most-effective, non-toxic ingredients to keep your life and family safe, healthy, and happy.

You just can’t beat the nutritional power, cost, and savings you get by replacing just one meal a day with a serving of SiseLEAN! To get the same vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fiber, you would have to have the equivalent of:

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 7.13.00 PM.png

Our all-natural supplement is specially formulated to give you superior workouts, dieting results and increased testosterone. Start your routine with 4 Restore and experience quicker, better, healthier and more efficient workout sessions.

nitric oxide, increase testosterone



Make the Most of Your Workout with 4Restore


  • Helps increase nitric oxide (NOX).

  • Helps energize the brain.

  • May help optimize injury recovery.

  • Helps boost testosterone levels & enhances libido.

  • Supports healthy circulation.

  • Helps support the immune system.

  • Great for both men & women.

  • Helps maximize muscle tone.


4Restore is a natural supplement that can help your body feel younger by increasing your body’s amount of nitric oxide (NOX).

Nitric oxide is known in science as the “miracle molecule” because of its ability to keep your body’s arteries young and flexible, preventing artery clogging plaque buildup. This helps your body battle everything from diabetes to high blood pressure.

Both men and women will discover increased libido and increased testosterone with daily use. 4Restore also helps retain muscle growth when working out as the increased blood flow helps increase muscle retention.


Nitric Oxide’s main job is to deliver messages between the body’s cells. It also plays a key role in controlling the circulation of blood and regulating activities of the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach and other organs. But from a muscle-building prospective, NO affects the release of hormones and adrenaline. It’s also said to speed growth and recovery time as well as increase blood flow, thus delivering more nutrients to muscles, helping them grow.

L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the bloodstream and it makes up 30-35 percent of the amino acid nitrogen in your blood. It’s actually known as a conditionally essential amino acid because your body uses it in large amounts.


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